We provide solutions

Our approach is aimed at finding the right solution for you. We immerse ourselves in your industry and your product and determine together with you how we can tell your unique story distinctive and within a suitable budget, both written and visually.

Customized solutions

Everything we make is specifically tailored to the wishes of our customers and the needs of the end users. Most of our solutions fall within these DDCom product groups.

Technical documentation, training and e-learning


For safe, correct and long-term use of your technology product, impeccable and clear technical documentation is indispensable. Whether printed, digital or online, our documentation provides the right handles for assembly, installation and end use as well as maintenance, service and repair.


Technical visualization

in 2D and 3D

A strong image tells the whole story. Moreover, the advantage of a well-made image is that it appeals to broad target groups with varying levels of knowledge and that it can be applied in a wide range of media.


Technical animation

in 2D and 3D

People and the human eye are naturally attracted to moving images. The extra dimension also ensures that information is better absorbed and remembered for longer.


How can we help you?

Would you like to know how DDCom can solve specific problems for your organization or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!