In more than forty years, DDCom has built up great expertise. From our start in 1972 we gained a lot of experience, especially in after-sales. Meanwhile, we have grown into an extremely complete and broadly oriented company with an in-house technical documentation department and visualization studio.

Our team

Our team consists of more than twenty specialists:

  • technical writers

  • trainers

  • training developers

  • DTP operators

  • 2D artists

  • 3D visualizers and animators


By connecting all our knowledge and skills we offer added value locally and (inter)nationally as a supplier of specialized technical content, both written and visually, for various industries.

Word & Image

Which brings together more than forty years of experience in documentation and visualization.


We relieve you of your worries

Our technical knowledge has deepened over the years. Because we understand technology and know how it is used, we can make an optimal connection between the two.

Our specialists work together closely and side by side. As a result, no valuable time is lost. Clients are expected to provide a minimum of guidance. Precisely because of our technical knowledge, the turnaround time is as short as possible. From the first moment of contact up to and including delivery, we think along with you; our integral project approach ensures optimal content with substantial cost reduction and time savings.


Technical understanding

Technology and technical products hold few secrets for us. Because we link our technical knowledge to years of experience, didactics and common sense, we give added value to products such as: manuals, training and training development, e-learning, 3D animations, 2D visualizations, user manuals and instructional animations.



Because of our many years of experience and because we understand technology, our specialists need a minimum of guidance from you. From the first moment of contact up to and including delivery, we think along with you; this results in time savings and a product that meets your wishes.



Half a word is all we need, and we work efficiently. Because we take an integrated approach to every project, our drawings, animations, exploded views and infographics can be easily and cost-consciously combined and applied in a wide range of media. This way, we always come up with an optimal budgetary solution.

Our process

1. Problem or question

As a developer, producer, seller and/or large-scale user of technical products, you need clear textual and visual content and explanations. As a documentation and visualization specialist, we help you identify this need.

2. Inventory

We think along with you about possibilities and appropriate solutions, based on your wishes and available budgets; no project is too complex or too small for us.

3. Advice

Within our team of more than twenty specialists, we call upon all knowledge and resources to come up with optimal solutions that can be multi-applicable if desired. Once again, your wishes and budget are leading. Of course, we also take into account the end user and the goal.


Our solutions come in various forms:

  • 2D animations and 2D drawings

  • 3D animations and 3D drawings

  • Exploded views

  • Infographics

  • Technical animations and drawings


The applications we can advise and create are equally diverse:

  • Printed documentation for marketing, sales, after-sales, service, use and maintenance

  • Digital documentation, also for training and e-learning

  • Video and film for instructions, promotion and explanation

4. Realization

We agree the planning with you, including deadlines. Our specialists get to work, supported where necessary by external expertise - specialists with whom we have worked for many years, such as translators, photographers and web developers.


For large and complex projects, you will have your project manager or communicate directly with our executive specialist. As a result, planning and budget are always strictly monitored and our way of communicating is clear and efficient. It goes without saying that progress is coordinated with you in the interim.


How can we help you?

Would you like to know how DDCom can solve specific problems for your organization or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!