Technical visualization

in 2D and 3D

The power of images

Image - be it a technical drawing, visualization, exploded view or infographic - is indispensable in conveying information. Image:

  • explains and clarifies

  • tells more than text

  • makes documentation more interesting and attractive

  • ensures faster information recording by the reader/viewer

  • shows more than a camera can; think of electricity, radiation or a product that is still being developed

Types of 2D and 3D visualizations

DDCom offers a lot in the way of images. Our possibilities in 2D and 3D visualization are endless: from technical 2D visualizations - line drawings, graphs and infographics - to 3D visualizations - isometric images and photorealistic images.


We make:

  • ghost views

  • engineering drawings

  • exploded views

  • isometric images

  • infographics

  • photorealistic images

  • line drawings

  • graphs

  • schematics

The above is just a selection of what DDCom can do for you. Are you looking for a specific solution that is not listed? Please feel free to contact us to see what the options are.


The biggest advantage of our 3D and 2D visualizations is the great flexibility. As your product or idea evolves, the visualizations can change relatively easily. 2D and 3D visualizations they can be adjusted easily and quickly, in contrast to traditional photography.


Another advantage; your product doesn't even have to be produced yet. Based on, among other things, CAD data or product images, we can work in a photorealistic way. With our knowledge and skills, we bring your product or idea, so to speak, directly from the drawing board to life. The result is a clear and conceptually strong visualization for multiple applications, such as a manual, brochure or website.

Have DDCom create your visualizations?

With our visualizations you also reach various target groups with different levels of knowledge: with 2D and 3D drawings you make complex subjects, ideas and techniques clear and concrete across the board.


We make what fits your question. Our 2D and 3D designers and DTP professionals consult with you and think along with you in finding solutions. Together with you, they develop the visual style that fits perfectly with what you want to communicate. And they will be happy to advise you on the correct interpretation of the visualization. Sometimes a 2D line drawing is sufficient, other times a photorealistic image gives the most clarity.